Sunday, September 25, 2011

#242 Cottage Turtle, Finally!

We went to my parents' cottage this weekend.  In the chaos of getting everyone and everything we needed packed on Friday, I completely forgot about my turtle.  I did think of it during the extra-long drive up (It took about four hours and should have only taken about two and a half), but by the time we got there I had forgotten again.  Oh well.  Everyone makes mistakes.
On Saturday, Hubby and I canoed down the river.  We found a turtle!!!!!  Well, actually, we saw two, but I only got a photo of this one.

We started out pretty far away from it.

But then Hubby was able to maneuver us in a lot closer.  This is a very brave turtle.  I didn't have the zoom up very high for this shot.

This was our last trip to the cottage for this year so I am very happy I finally saw some turtles.  :)

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