Sunday, September 18, 2011

#237 Attempted Shrinky Turtle

I have done shrink art using styrofoam meat trays with the kids before so when I found this tray with a nifty diamond pattern I thought it would make a great turtle.  Unfortunately for me my turtle stuck to itself and didn't shrink properly.  I flattened it out the best I could while it was still warm. 

Here is the turtle before I shrunk it.

Here it is after I tried to salvage it.  Sadly, it also lost all of it's diamond pattern too.

I took a video of it shrinking because I like the way it twists and turns in the oven.  You can see at the end of the video what I had to flatten out.
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  1. Oh my. I was just thinking of trying some DIY shrinky dink with my kids. But I heard you have to use #5 plastic... I think I need to look up some instructions.

  2. It's #6 plastic! I have no idea if #5 would work. I used #6 on this turtle:
    But it gets brittle. Five days after making it into a cell phone charm, I was posting that it broke!