Saturday, January 21, 2012

#361 Wood Turtle

I was out in Hubby's shop today working on a different project and he set me up so I could make this little turtle.  He makes it look so easy to cut nice lines!
It's only about 2" long.  :)
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  1. A sea turtle today. Did you use a band saw?

  2. Look at you, Ange! Only 4 days to go. How do you feel?

    Impressive turtle you have there. I can't even imagine using a saw like that.

  3. I used Hubby's scroll saw for this Gina.

    Thanks Misha. I'm not sure how I feel, glad it is almost done, that is for sure. I've pretty much run out of steam. And ideas!

    Hubby does amazing things with a scroll saw. He is very sweet and not saying anything negative about how ...rustic my turtle is. :)