Tuesday, January 17, 2012

#357 Ornament Turtle

Why didn't I think of this months ago???????
It needs a little tweaking, but I like this idea!
The turtle is beautifully  drawn (as I am sure you can tell) on a piece of clear plastic, then I rolled it up and popped it into a clear glass Christmas ornament that I still have lying about waiting for me to do a craft with.  I cut the plastic a little too small so it moves around a little too freely inside the ball.  Next time I'll make it a smidge larger and I think I'll try to incorporate a small tab that will stay up in the neck of the ornament so that it doesn't rotate quite as much.  This little turtle is okay upside down, but a different image might not work as well.. Pin It


  1. Hey, that really is a fantastic idea! ('I never tried to take off the top of a Christmas ornament - so thanks for letting me know it is possibel!^^)
    And if the turtle moves around a little... just say it's swimming! ;)

  2. Thanks!

    Tops come off easily. You can see the wire inside the ball in my picture. Just carefully squeeze the wire loop on the top and that will bring the wires inside closer together so you can pull it out easily. Be careful that it doesn't spring back and poke you in the hand when you take it out! I have a few ornaments at home that I accidentally pull the tops off of a little too often!

    If it just moved around a little, swimming would be fine, but it likes to lie down flat. I don't like that.