Tuesday, January 10, 2012

#350 Truffle Turtles

I found a recipe and idea that I just loved.  Sadly, the end result looked absolutely nothing like it was supposed to.  On top of that, I don't care for the flavour of these truffles.  What a huge disappointment.
While I was still excited about them, I made two in the shape of turtles.

Here they are naked (before being dipped in white chocolate)

And here is the first, nicely dipped  turtle:

This one, however, had a little bit of an accident.  Someone crushed it while placing the eyes.  Oops.

And now, just to cheer myself up, a silly one-minute turtle video that a friend sent me.  :)
I love the way that my friends, both in real life and online, think of me when the see something that has to do with turtles!  This "annoying, but catchy" video was sent to me by Leah from Zombies Wearing Helmets.  Thanks Leah!!!!!!
(hmm...  I can only see this when I am signed in. If you can't see it and curiosity is getting to you, here is the youtube link so you can see it.)
As my 365 days of turtles starts winding down, I have decided that I enjoy blogging.  Just not daily.  So I have begun (just barely) a crafting blog since there are not enough of those on the internet.   :)
I'd love to see you there! :)
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  1. Cute! I naver have tried truffles. I dont think. hmmm