Friday, December 30, 2011

#339 Chocolate Turtles

After playing with chocolate yesterday, I decided to dig out my turtle molds and make turtle chocolates.  I wish I had more chocolate to make a whole turtle army!

I also made more Han Solo chocolates.  All solid this time.  See?  They look better one solid colour.  Who knew?  I think I like the dark chocolate the best.  They look the most realistic.   Now I just need to work on getting all the little bubbles out.  I still think these are totally awesome.    :) 

As for the ice, if you are interested in the ongoing experimentation.  Boiling the water twice in my kettle didn't help.  There was no noticable difference in the cloudiness of my little Han Solos.  The kettle has automatic shut off, so I wonder if I didn't boil it long enough.  I'm going to try distilled water next.  If that doesn't work, I'll try boiling the distilled water.  In a pot.  For a longer amount of time.  If that doesn't work, I have one more method to try.  I'll fill you in if I need to try it and if it works.  Otherwise, I just won't be having clear ice! Pin It


  1. Oh wow, these look both cool and delicious! Also gorgeous. They would be a big hit at my house.

  2. Thanks!!!
    Once I allowed them to be eaten, I don't think they lasted five minutes! I think I had five turtles and ten Han Solos. I'd say that they were a big hit here. :)