Tuesday, December 6, 2011

#315 Tinsel Turtle

Christmas is in the air!  The tree is up, complete with popcorn garland and tinsel.  And we have already watched three Christmas shows as a family. We always start the holiday shows with Muppet Family Christmas.  A couple days later, we watched A Muppet Christmas: Letters to Santa and tonight we watched Elmo Saves Christmas.  Yup.  We are Muppet fans here.  We also have about a dozen (no joke) other movies and television specials on our list to watch.  We'll see if we get through them all before Christmas!
Today I made my turtle out of tinsel.  I had trouble getting the glitteryness of the tinsel in my photo.
And yes, there are a few stray strands of 19 year old red tinsel in there.  I'm not sure how we have managed to lose tinsel over the years, but we have. 19 years ago I bought a pack of red and a pack of silver.  I bought a new pack of silver last year to add to it because what little we had left was not really enough to sparkle up the tree.  Pin It

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