Wednesday, December 21, 2011

#330 Gift Turtle

My youngest daughter joined a "Secret Santa" group at school.  As luck would have it (read that with sarcasm), she drew the name of a good friend that she is already  giving a gift to.  She was having trouble coming up with a Secret Santa gift for this friend when we both remembered that the friend recently had her pet turtle "go to the big turtle pond in the sky".  So we thought it might be nice to give her a little stuffed turtle, in memory of her pet.
My daughter chose the colours.  She was trying to co-ordinate the gift with Slytherin House (from Harry Potter -both girls share a love for Hary Pottter) so she chose green and silver.  It doesn't show up well in the photo, but the head and belly of this turtle are grey with silver sparkles.
I think her friend will like it!
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  1. Apparently the friend noticed the Hary Potter colours immediately and carried the little turtle around all day. Sounds like a success to me!