Thursday, December 29, 2011

#338 Han Turtle

My awesomely amazing (and final Christmas gift from Hubby) 'Han Solo, frozen in carbonite'  ice cube tray/chocolate mold came yesterday!!!!
Water straight from the tap makes cloudy ice cubes and you can't see Han unless you are looking from just the right angle.  I read that using water that has been boiled twice yields clearer ice cubes.  We shall find out if that is true tomorrow.  It is in the freezer now.
Chocolate, however, always works!!!!!  I thought Han would stand out better if I made him a slightly different colour than the background.  (I know my chocolate painting technique needs work.)  I can't prove it to you because the evidence has been eaten, but actually, a solid colour throughout looks much better.  And is easier to do, so that is fantastic!
Using the remaining chocolates, before they get eaten too, I made today's turtle.  :D
I know it is a stretch, but I am ridiculously excited about this mold!
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