Sunday, December 11, 2011

#320 Bracelet Turtle

Today's turtle was done so that I can shamelessly brag about my thirteen year old daughter.
When she was six, she saw a TV show about a little girl recovering from cancer.  This little girl was making necklaces to share with other patients in the hospital to cheer them up.  She was also selling them to raise money to find a cure.  My little six year old decided that she wanted to do something like that too.  We decided on bracelets because, honestly, they wouldn't be too difficult for her to make.  The angels were something that I had just coincidentally designed for the girls but hadn't made yet.  We approached the principal of my daughter's school, asking if she could sell her bracelets at school and the principal fully supported her!  So have subsequent principals.  Every school year, my daughter chooses two new colours for the band of the bracelet and takes orders.  She makes each bracelet in the colour requested as it is ordered and delivers them the next day.  This is her last year of elementary school and I think it will also be the last year that she sells her bracelets.  I can't see it working in high school. She has raised just over $2380 so far. 

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  1. Wow, that's so awesome and you BOTH should be proud! I really admire people who "do good". The bead angel is a nice touch too.

  2. Thanks Leah!
    The angel has been redesigned over the years (depending on what beads were available to us). She is very proud of this. She doesn't do it for praise, but obviously enjoys the kind words people have for her. :)
    The lovely lady at the Canadian Cancer Society gives her a certificate when she brings her donation in. She has six framed in her room, and one waiting on a frame.