Wednesday, November 30, 2011

#309 Family Affair Turtles!

Everyone is getting in on turtle-mania.   :)
I did not make any of these turtles, and I only took the first picture.  I love that my family is supporting my turtle-y ways.

My parents always visit about this time of year and deliver our Christmas gifts and my oldest daughter's birthday gifts and pick up their Christmas gifts and Mom's birthday gifts.  Today was the day of their visit.  I would know, even without the tag, that this one is for me.   :)

Mom made a new tree skirt and decided to put, among other things, a couple turtles on it.  Just in case I end up inheriting it one day.  ;)     One looks remarkably similar to the turtle on my gift.  And this is the other one.  Dad took the picture.

And finally, Hubby was watching the movie Up, and saw this.  So he took a picture for me! 

And now I have to go tuck these gifts away so the cat doesn't open them early on us.... Pin It


  1. awwww, sweet! you're family sounds wonderful supporting you and the turtle project

  2. awwww, glad you are still turtling Ange! But your family has been "in" from the beginning anyway right??? Can't believe we are almost there!

  3. I love that your family is so involved in your project!

  4. Thanks! Even though my oldest shakes her head at me from time to time, she is still supportive and helpful! I think it is great that everyone is 'in on it'. :)
    The girls are trying (jokingly) to come up with their own 365 project. "Crazy things heard in this house" is one. "365 objects in the wrong place" is another, designed to drive me insane... There were other ideas, but I can't remember them at the moment. We have a very silly household.