Thursday, November 10, 2011

#289 Deathly Hallows Turtle

My younger daughter's suggestion for today's turtle was to make a turtle using only Deathly Hallows symbols.  Here is my fabulous  interpretation of her suggestion.  I see my artistic skills have not improved over the last 288 postings!  Still having fun though.

*I had to edit this post because I am a doofus.  I very carefully drew out that turtle... wrong.  I mixed up the circle and the triangle.  Sadly, this is not the first time I have made that mistake.  I made my daughter a T-Shirt over the summer and did the same thing.  Luckily it was noticed long before it ever made it to the shirt, but still, you'd think I would remember after that!
I tried it twice with the proper symbol and liked the head better when it was facing the same direction as the body.  I also decided to leave my screw-up on the post as well.

What was I thinking???
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  1. Fun is what counts!

    I haven't been keeping up with everyone's postings, but I have enjoyed seeing your Harry Potter theme show up in my stream. Very creative. :)