Friday, November 25, 2011

#304 Cheesy Turtle

I added a little something extra to the lasagna.  It isn't being cooked until tomorrow's (Saturday's) dinner so we will see if anyone notices...

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  1. I love how you keep hiding turtles about, Ange. You are so fun.

    I hope the shell bubbles up in the most delightful pattern.


  2. Well, my oldest noticed because I asked her to put dinner in the oven. she just shook her head at me. Haha! Sadly it melted into an unrecognizable pool of cheese.

    Thanks for the kind words Misha!

  3. They perfect that head shake thing pretty early, don't they, Ange? :)

    Bet it was tasty.

  4. It was good! If I do say so myself.

    This daughter will be eighteen in a few short weeks and shakes her head at my foolishness a lot. But she also goofs around with me a lot so it all evens out. :)