Sunday, November 20, 2011

#299 Turtle Float

Obviously, I didn't make today's turtle.  Today was the annual Santa Claus parade!!!  My kids still love the parade and so the three of us took a subway adventure downtown and watched it!
This year there was a float by Turtles!   You know the chocolate, caramel and pecan kind.  Yummmmm!  I love those, and not because of the name, because they are delicious!  The fact that they are called "Turtles" is just a bonus.
Today's turtle is the float.

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  1. How lucky and fun! And for some reason, I'm actually remembering to ask you this question WHILE I'm looking at your blog: if you don't mind sharing, how you do get the signature/ your name in the bottom right corner??

  2. Magical flying CHOCOLATE turtles!
    Even better!

    Johannah, I just use Picnik through my Facebook. After uploadning my photo to Picnik, I click "text" type my name, choose my font, hit 'add' and after I position it I use the 'fade' slider until I like the way it looks. I doubt that sounded complicated, but it sounds more complicated than it is!