Tuesday, October 25, 2011

#273 What's this? What's This??

Jack has never seen such a funny looking little turtle.  Maybe he is wondering if it stole his tie.

Big Jack is a work in progress and as you may have guessed, I haven't made his tie yet.
*Credit goes to my husband who took this photo for me after helping me set it up.  I am outside the frame, holding Jack's arm in place.  :) Pin It


  1. This is so cool... Can't wait to see him completed!
    By the way, I was reminded of your turtles two days ago when I spent a night with some friends at a pub - and there was a dancing turtle, swinging her hips to Shania Twain's "I'm gonna getcha good". Aparently a little birthday present for someone there. We all had to laugh so hard! :D

  2. I love this! So cute and well done.

  3. That dancing turtle sounds cute. :)
    Hopefully Jack will be finished tomorrow, Saturday at the latest. His tie was giving me problems.

    Thank you both for the nice words!