Tuesday, October 4, 2011

#252 Pin Turtle

I spent today sewing.  I didn't sew any turtles though.  I made my cat a new catnip mouse (which I haven't seen her play with yet!) and I made myself a stuffed Boo.  If you play any "Mario" games you should recognize Boo.  If not, Boo is a "baddie" from the Mario games. 
I was sitting at the table after dinner with my 13 year old, finishing sewing the features onto my new toy and I commented that I hadn't done my turtle yet.  My daughter immediately began removing pins from their holder and asked if she could make a temporary one for me with pins.  Who am I to say no to my baby?  I didn't make this turtle today, but it was made for  me with love and I did take the photos. 
(I am including photos of the finished Boo as well because the person I got the pattern from says that she "loves seeing other peoples finished works" and this is the only way I can show her.If you'd like to make one for yourself, please go to her blog)

Here is the turtle made of pins.  The "A" on it's shell was totally intentional.

At my suggestion, she made it kind of like a tattoo on Boo's butt.   :)

Here's Boo!  I really like the way it turned out!  The only part of the tutorial I didn't follow properly was attaching the features.  She glues hers.  I sewed mine on.

And if you read this post all the way through......  Thank you! Pin It


  1. Oh, this is lovely! The turtle pin "tattoo" was a good idea. Glad you enjoyed making it!