Monday, May 7, 2012

Weightloss Turtle loses a layer!

You may or may not remember way back in March of 2011 I made a cute little stuffed turtle and gave it four extra shells.  Each shell represented five pounds I wanted to lose. 

Then you didn't see it again.

Until I added another shell.

Well, I probably should have added another one, but I didn't.  I have now lost just over ten pounds, and still have almost twenty to go.  I am happy that my motivation has returned.

I probably should have labelled them "Before" and "After".  Before is on the left and after is the pretty blue one on the right.  Hopefully I will be back soon to remove another layer.

On another note, I am ridiculously excited that the Toronto Zoo is having a special turtle event.

Taken from:

If everything goes according to my master plan (read: if my daughter doesn't get called into work), my oldest and I will be at the zoo on day one.  It is my mission to get all the stamps and find the "giant turtle mascot"!!  I am positive I will have turtley photos to share!

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  1. Well done! And I am glad you are still "around"

  2. Thanks. I'm always around. I check the blogs I follow daily. I just don't always have something to say.