Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy World Turtle Day!

Today my oldest and I went to the zoo because today is the start of a "World Turtle Week" event there.  Both of the girls are going back on Saturday to enjoy it together.  My youngest was in school today, that is why she didn't come with us and I can't go Saturday so that is why I didn't wait for her.  My oldest is not upset in the least that she "has" to go twice.  We have a membership so it isn't like we have to pay the admission each visit.

They had turtle stations set up in several of the pavillions and you could buy a beautiful rubber " I heart turtles" bracelet (of course I did, I'm still wearing it now!) and earn stickers doing scavenger hunts (learning turtle facts around the pavillions) and they had posters and pamphlets teaching you how to identify Ontario's turtles (which I picked up!) and I was even given a book about turtles!  Oh, and I got a magnet too.  Very exciting!

We played in the turtle shells in the Kids Zone, because my 18 year old and I are not  too old to play there.
I whacked my head going through that silly shell.  I'll bet real turtles don't do that!

This was actually about tadpoles.  Out of the many, many, many eggs a frog lays, very few live to grow up into frogs.  There is a huge variety of ways a tadpole can meet it's demise.  So they have this thing at the zoo that you can spin and see if you would survive if you were a tadpole.  I spun it one time (on today's visit.  I have spun it many times in that past and never, ever have I been a tadpole that lived long enough to become a frog) and this was what I landed on. 
Good thing I am not a tadpole!
If you can't read it, I landed on: "A turtle hunting for food eats you"

All in all, my daughter and I had a great time celebrating World Turtle Day. Now, if you will excuse me, I have a book to look at!

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  1. Omg that turtle shell looks like fun!

    1. It was! Getting in was pretty easy, except for the banging my head part, but getting out was less than graceful. Probably amusing to witness though.