Sunday, January 30, 2011

#7 Turtle planter

Sometimes an idea looks great in my head, but doesn't work out quite as planned in real life.  I have this planter that was a gift many years ago. 

The plant that came with it died ages ago thanks to my black thumb.  I saw a cute little fern at the supermarket yesterday and thought it would look good in this planter.

The picture in my head had the little fern trimmed into a perfect turtle-shell-shaped dome. 

Well, I am afraid of over-trimming this plant and causing a really early demise, so I quit while I was ahead.  Therefore my end result is not quite what I was going for, but the plant is alive, so all is good.
I intend to try very hard to keep this plant alive.
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  1. Cute Angela. The turtle looks like he's saying, "when you're done taking the picture, can you get that thing off my back?" lol

  2. I have that same planter. Does yours have a mark on the bottom that says what company made it? I can't read mine. I think it's better to use as tray under the pot. It's sealed and it can't drain, causing the plant to drown.

  3. I can't make it out either. It definitely starts with a "P" and I think there is a "US" in there too. P_US_ . The last letter might be a "T", I think I can make out a line across the top. Mine also has an 89 stamped in it. I can see that clearly.

    Drowning the plant was not my problem. I dried the poor thing up. The planter is sitting empty at the moment. I'm thinking that an artificial plant is my best bet!

    Thanks for looking! :)