Monday, January 24, 2011

#1 The Journal

In addition to this blog, I plan to keep track of my daily turtles in a journal.  I got myself a composition book, but didn't like the cover.  So I recovered it.  It only makes sense to me that this is project number one.  I have two sticky note tabs in it.  One as a book mark so I can easily find "today", and the other is marking the section of the book where I am listing my ideas so I don't forget them.  I counted.  I have 81 so far.  As I think of ideas, they will probably become my daily turtle, but if I get a few ideas in one day, I will list them here for future reference.  On days I am stuck, I can use my list.  Sounds good in theory.

The high school that I went to had a specialized art program.  Clearly, I was not in this program but I would have thought that something would have rubbed off in the five years that I went to that school! 

Oh well.

I still like my journal and it will definitely serve its purpose.
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